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development partners

Detailed information about Sierra Leone’s Development Partners



Your definitive guides to business advice in Sierra Leone






The yearbook demonstrates a meaningful contribution by showcasing the development progress of Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

Abdul Rahman Swarray

Minister of Information & Communication, GoSL

Thank you for helping Sierra Leone as a whole, to build important and prestigious channels of communication not just within, outside as well.

Ms Jeneh Jabati

Director Human Resources, Central Bank of Sierra Leone

A great publication and presented well.

S.A. Jaward

General Manager, Family Kingdom Resort

A mighty effort and you turned out an excellent book. Thank you for filling a niche at an affordable price

Gbenga Alade

Former Managing Director, GT Bank

Grateful to receive this compilation, thank you

Donal Ahern

Press Secretary, British High Commission

Thank you for this yearbook. The result is very practical.

Kanaya Toshihide

Head of , Japan International Cooperation Agency

We’re very happy to be included in the yearbook.

Ursula Langkamp


When I was introduced to the yearbook a few years back, I always look forward to the next one.

Sonia Umu Karim

Director of Cabinet Affairs, GoSL

Thank you for presenting such illustrious work.

PJ Mandewa-Cole

Directorate of Innovation and Technology, GoSL

The yearbook of Sierra Leone is a handy reference and it exhorts the focus onto our beautiful country.

Lucinda Kargbo

Manager, National Tourist Board

Great design and layout.

Osman Koroma

Director of Public Affairs, NASSIT

Great work! We will include in our business and VIP lounges for travellers and staying in guests.

Johan Klang

Former General Manager, Radisson Blu (Mammy Yoko) Hotel

…a delightful guide full of important information for those of us who want to enjoy the companionship of our best reference partners.

V.T.O. Decker

Senior Partner, Decker & Partners Ltd

.This is an exciting discovery! Thanks so much for doing a great job.

Rose Nkada

Former Managing Director, TOTAL Sierra Leone

This is extremely beneficial. Thanks for my complimentary copy.

Simon Ingram-Hill

Former Head, British Council, Freetown

The yearbook is very useful to us.

Horst Gruner

Ambassador, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

This is one of the very few useful publications in Sierra Leone. Thanks.

Mathew Sandy

Senior Economist, IMF Freetown

I just wanted to say I received the two copies of the Yearbook and wanted to thank you for them.

Ms. Rhian Gastineau

Former Country Manager, MSF-Holland

Thank you, that’s nice to receive it

Cristina Coletto

Head of Mission, COOPI SL

The Yearbook is filled with the most relevant articles and case studies in response to our unique and specific questions and problems.

Marina Mdaihli

Former Country Manager, GIZ Sierra Leone