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The wildlife of Sierra Leone is very diverse due to the variety of different habitats within the country. Sierra Leone is home to approximately 2090 known higher plant species, 147 known species of mammals, 172 known breeding bird species, 67 known reptile species, 35 known amphibian species and 99 known species of fish.


There are approximately 147 known species of wild mammals within Sierra Leone. Members of fourteen orders of placental mammals inhabit Sierra Leone. The endangered pygmy hippopotamus has territories around the islands on the Moa River and is widespread in the Gola Forest area. There are three species of wild pig that occur across Sierra Leone: the wart hog, the giant forest hog and the red river hog.

Sierra Leone has 15 identified species of primates that include bush-baby, monkeys and a great ape, the common chimpanzee which is Sierra Leone’s largest primate. Chimpanzees are found across the country with the 2010 chimpanzee census estimated a wild population in excess of 5500 more than double the number previously thought to live in the country. This is the second largest population of the endangered subs-species of western chimpanzee, after Guinea, with the largest density in the Loma area, 2.69 individuals per km2, and the Outamba, with 1.21 individuals per squared Kilometre.

There are several species of whales and the African manatee in the waters of Sierra Leone. The manatee is an endangered species and lives in the rivers and estuaries of Sierra Leone especially around Bonthe.


Sierra Leone has over 630 known species of bird ten of which are considered endangered including rufous fishing-owls and the Gola malimbe. On the coastal area there are several important sites for migratory ducks and wading birds from the Palearctic area.