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Tourism Sector

Sierra Leone is a beautiful country with diverse and unique tourism potentials. The most striking features which make Sierra Leone an amazing and attractive destination lie in its varied and impressive, wildlife parks, sanctuaries, a climate that caters for summer holidays and provide winter sun, the special history embedded in its diverse cultural heritage creates a tradition of friendliness and hospitality of its people. The tropical rain forest is home to some of the rare and endangered species of monkeys, baboons, birds, butterflies and a variety of antelopes and buffalo families. The Atlantic Ocean along the Sierra Leone coast is unique in West Africa in that it is safe, clean and has the right temperatures for swimmers. The country offers visitors its historic heritage, exotic flora and fauna, mountains and natural beauty

  • Sierra Leone’s tourism industry has experienced major policy boosts and attracted major investments over past 5 years

  • As the number of first-time visitors to the country increase, the tourism potentials have stimulated even greater interest

  • The Government has put in place several incentives that makes gives high rate of returns on investments in the sector. Tourist arrivals increased significantly over past 5 since, following a decline, which started in 2004 following draw down of UN peace keeping and other international agencies

  • Over 52,000 international arrivals recorded in 2011, compared to about 32,000 in 2007

  • Past 5-year average revenue growth in sector was 10 percent; this is projected to increase to 20 percent for next 5 years

  • The industry’s revival is gathering pace; supported by recent investments in the airport infrastructure and facilities and the country’s road

  • There have been major private sector commitments and outlays in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing hotels, as well as the construction of new large scale hotels in the capital city.

  • Indications of private investment as well as Government support for investments in eco-tourism resorts and other natural attractions