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The year book of Sierra Leone is the essential reference manual on the activities and opportunities of Sierra Leone, and about the need to know issues of the country as a whole.  The publication will undoubtedly help potential investors, business people, policy makers, diplomats and the private sector, to have firsthand information about key economic activities, the environment and culture, business critical information and more. The yearbook is designed as an invaluable companion, which strives to provide helpful information and insights into our Geo-Political, Economic and Social Ecosystems.




The year book is a print publication and highly targeted reference annual. The publisher, Hamilton Wise Communications, have systematically grown the Year Book’s readership both in Sierra Leone and abroad.


It contains excellent print quality A4 in size, 250 pages in depth (using quality art paper) and in full color throughout. With high resolution specs, and laminated front and back covers, the yearbook is produced to the highest standards. Production is usually during the end of the first quarter of the year, annually.


* The year book provides an ideal partnership in informing, planning and strategizing across the key economic disciplines in Sierra Leone’s economy


* It provides a communication tool on the activities of the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) showcases business entities and directory, promotes opportunities and sector specific perspectives.


* Well researched based information useful to investors and critical thinkers whose interests may be specific to an undefined market sector.


* Presents a wide range of information in a ‘one stop shop’ platform.


* It provides a forum in the information age for selected organizations that have a valuable contribution to make


* Helping to showcase transformation efforts from within in re-branding, opportunities and activities


* Helps entities compare notes and programs and opens up the communication process in an extremely prestigious and powerful setting


Long established relationships with:


  • Ministries Departments and Agencies

  • Multilateral and bilateral institutions

  • Other Public/private sector entries

  • Sierra Leonean based businesses abroad

  • Development Partners

  • Non Governmental Organizations

  • Community-Based Organizations